BeamLine Diagnostics Ltd was founded in 2015 by Dr. Liberty Foreman and Dr. Katherine Willetts with the original aim of developing a biopsy screening system for gastrointestinal cancers based on work completed during the founders’ PhDs. Additional research soon identified that the BeamLine algorithm can be easily adapted to respond to a number of other clinical diagnostic problems. Each product targets a disease for which screening and/or diagnosis is currently excessively expensive, complex or unavailable. Testament to the broader opportunities which are now apparent, BeamLine Diagnostics has undergone a rebranding exercise that more clearly identifies each of the respective services the company is able to offer. The new brand, DynamX Medical, provides a software platform for developing multiple screening solutions utilising a number of common software modules. The DynamX applications are packaged logically with a clear, staged, development and productisation pipeline. DynamX integrates infrared spectroscopy, biological information, artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide fast, effective screening for diseases including cancer. This has the effect of streamlining existing clinical diagnostic pathways, enabling delivery of screening programmes to a wider population, faster and sooner for no additional cost to healthcare systems. All DynamX products aim to be simple and fast to market. Simplicity is achieved by focusing only on software development – the hardware/technology used is already commercially-available. The DynamX algorithms are developed through a combination of rapid prototyping and highly-modular design, enabling diagnostic solutions that can be easily implemented across different diseases with little additional effort. DynamX has a staged pipeline with a number of products in development:
  • DynamX-Bx (for biopsy/tissue samples)
  • DynamX-Cs (for cell smears)
  • DynamX-Aq (for biofluids)
Discussing the new brand, DynamX CEO, Dr. Liberty Foreman, said: “This is much more than a rebranding exercise. We haven’t simply come up with a name we like better. This is the result of a rigorous business review which has seen us consider our products and services and how they can fit into the global healthcare market. “It is felt that the new brand better conveys the fact that DynamX is a young and dynamic team solving a range of complex screening problems with a focus on modular software development.”