Enabling remote source data verification

Not able to conduct proper oversight of your clinical trials due to COVID-19? Tired of spending half your trial budget on CRA travel expenses? Worried about nurses exposing you to a costly GDPR lawsuit through poorly-applied masking tape?

We’ve got you covered.

That’s why we built Redactall – a simple, easy-to-use tool for remote source data verification.

Set up your studies and trial sites on Redactallapp.com, request documents & patient information that you need for remote source data verification, then invite your nurses and site administrators to download the free Redactall app so they can send you the data you need to manage your trial. Using the app, they’ll be able to see what information you’ve requested, scan the documents & pages you need, then redact any sensitive or identifying information right in the app before uploading.

No queuing for the office scanner and no messing about with electrical tape – just an easy, no-nonsense way to monitor your trials remotely.

Visit https://redactallapp.com to start a free trial, or email us at redactall@dynamxmedical.com to find out more or schedule a demo.
Organise your SDV requests by document, visits, tags, anything.

Send document requests to your sites for a single page or a month’s worth of critical documents. Monitor just one report or a whole lab’s output – it’s up to you.

Share the work, but keep your data private

Add your CRAs, site administrators, or contractors to the studies and sites they manage right from the app. No extra tools, no mailbox, nothing to download or install.

Fine-grained access controls mean they’ll only see source data they need to see (and nothing they don’t).

Think ‘Instagram for science’

Nurses and site administrators you invite will see which documents you need in the app, and can scan, redact, and upload right from their phones.

Finally, you can throw out that masking tape

Redacting sensitive participant data is as easy as scribbling — no messing about with office scanners or carefully-applied electrical tape. And with Redactall you’re protected against an accidental GDPR breach — un-anonymised participant data never leaves the site.