Our approach is to focus on robust yet powerful technologies that have not previously been adopted as diagnostic tools. Our novel analytical algorithm combines infrared spectroscopy, biological information, machine learning and artificial intelligence to extract more information from a biological sample than ever before.

DynamX Medical’s flagship product is our biopsy triaging system, DynamX-Bx. This comprises DynamX software, which carries the unique patent-pending diagnostic algorithm and a user interface, combined with a commercially-available infrared spectrometer. The system has a small footprint (approx. the size of a large laptop), can be installed near-patient and can be operated with minimal training. Samples do not need to be processed or damaged in any way and results for each specimen are returned within a few seconds. Our system integrates with existing clinical workflows causing minimal disruption.

The DynamX algorithm recognises spectral patterns unique to healthy and benign samples and is able to accurately separate these from all other spectral patterns. The system has a very strong sensitivity (> 99%), enabling accurate identification of healthy samples, removing them from the pathology workflow and significantly reducing the workload on already overburdened pathology departments. Samples identified as inconclusive can be sent on to pathology along the normal diagnostic pathway.

Expansion of DynamX Medical’s product line to include cell and fluid samples is also underway, enabling extension to a much wider range of diagnostic and screening applications.

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